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Redeeming & Processing Your Store Redeemable Coupons

Universal Marketing Services process manufacturer's coupons for a variety of Food & Drug Manufacturers including Natural Products Industry both in the USA and Canada, as well as, other parts of the World. We also process store redeemable coupons sent in by Canadian retailers to a Canadian reception center.               


                                         You'll get no surprises. Our fees are inclusive and represent less than 5% of your couponing budget.  

                                           We have no transaction fees, cost-of-living surcharge, fraud control surcharge, or annual minimums.


Deductions from product invoices do happen. 


Your reports and invoices will be emailed in spreadsheet format on a scheduled basis.

Hardware and software ensures accurate processing, proper accounting, and reporting of each coupon transaction.

Contract Period   

We want to keep your business and usually ask for a minimum of one year of service. If you decide that couponing is not for your company or another redemption service better meets your needs, we will cancel the agreement without penalty.

Transition From Your Current Agent to Universal

We take over as soon as the agreement is signed and you will spend less than 3 hours involved in the transition.

As soon as our conversation is over you will have all the information needed to move ahead with Universal Marketing Services.

Universal Marketing Services Offers:

• 30+ Years' Experience
• Solid and Profitable Service
• Very Competitive Fees
• No Annual Minimums
• No Transaction Fees
• Personal Service By Owners and Sales Manager
• Support By Experienced  Client Services
• Prompt Setup
• Easy Transition To UMS